3125.07.-02.08.2015.,  POLAND First ensemble of our Club during the period of 25.7-2.8.2015.  he has appeared in Zielona Gora (Poland) at the International Folklore Festival Faces of Tradition. The festival is competitive, takes place far in 1964, in addition to our, the festival competed and ensembles from Colombia, Mexico, Polish, Senegal and Turkey. Our ensemble has taken the fourth place. In addition to performances in Zielonoj worse, we performed in several cities Lubuškog Duchy. We are honored that we were hosted by the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Poland, Mr. Dusko Kovacevic. Photos from this trip can be seen in the section PHOTOS.

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Kozara ethno festival 2015 – Programme

18.00 Show – sales setting (ethno market) 
19.00 Festival participants parade
20.15 Presentation of traditional custom “Omaja” 
20.30 Traditional custom “Omaja” show – performance 
21.00 Folklore show – traditional dances
22.35 Awarded a couple with the most beautiful national costumes

18.00 Show – sales setting (ethno market)
19.00 Competition in traditional sport discipline (throwing stones)
19.45 Traditional custom “Omaja” show – performance
20.00 Proclamation of the winners of traditional sport discipline and Show of traditional music and songs
20.25 Festival of authentic songs and Festival of authentic instruments from Kozara
22.35 Kozara dance

04th and 05th JULY, BANJA LUKA
Seminar on “Traditional dances and songs from Kozara, Podrinje i Dragacevo“

6th JULY, TRG SRPSKIH VLADARA – BANJA LUKA (case of rain „National theatre“)
18.00 Show – sales setting (ethno market)
18.45 Festival participants parade (The Republic of Srpska National Theatre – the main square)
19.45 Traditional custom “Omaja” show – performance
20.00 Folklore Show
21.50 Concert Ethno group “Iva”

Participants from abroad:

Participants from Bosnia:

Female competitors in the category of traditional singing from Kozara – Female singing groups:

Male competitors in the category of traditional singing from Kozara – Male singing groups:

Players on traditional musical instruments from Kozara:

  • Mirjana Zec Kantar, Dobrljin
  • Vinka Zgonjanin, Prusci
  • Momir Stojnić, Svodna
  • Milan Kela, Piskavica
  • Gojko Ajdarić, Radosavska
  • Milovan Ćulum i unuk, Bistrica
  • Slobodan Brdar, Dragotinja
  • Milomir Zrnić, Piskavica
  • Radovan Jorgić, Piskavica
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IMG_20150602_201017(google translate) 03.06.2015., Piskavica, Cultural Club “Piskavica” organizes Festival of children’s folklore. The Festival will be held on Saturday 06/06/2015. in the Cultural Center in Piskavica, starting from 20 hours. In addition to our three children’s groups, the festival will also participate Folklore section “Potkozarje” Folk dance “Bistrica-Verići” and our guests from Nova Pazova – OKUD “Sveti Sava”. Admission is free.

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Kozara2014(google translate) 04.07. – 07.07.2014., Piskavica – Banja Luka, The Festival “10. Kozara Ethno “, is organized by KUD” Piskavica “and the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka was held on 04 and 05 July 2014 in the village of Potkozarje Piskavica (Community Centre and narrower space center) and 07 July at the Square of Serbian rulers in Banja Luka. The festival aims to promote the rich diversity of intangible cultures of the world that need to encourage more local people to value their cultural heritage. The festival is an opportunity for the local culture and tradition to present the wider national and international public the role of promotional tools for the development of rural communities based on the principles of sustainability. Festival Kozara Ethno presents a man, how people used to live on Kozara and Potkozarje, customs, which today represent an interesting tourist attraction.

Also, the festival was painted authentic ethno sound through the presentation of original songs and playing in with the participation of groups from the Kozara region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region as well as guests from abroad. At the 10 Kozara initial appeared as a culture and art associations from home and abroad, 10 native singing groups from Kozara in the competition and ethnic groups from abroad in the review program.
Given that the program of events with emphasis on Kozara Ethno, this was an opportunity to present our culture with traditions and customs to the general domestic and international public through hosting and information-advertising material.
The festival incorporate the typical scenes from the life and daily activities of ethno man from Kozara, and the theme of the festival Kozara Ethno 2014 was the custom of Mali Christmas Potkozarje region. In keeping with the theme are organized performances and exhibitions.
Seminar on “Songs, games and customs of Kozara, Posavina and Macedonia” and the participation of jury contributed to the diversity and quality of the festival.
Also, the event featured a competition in traditional sports discipline rock-throwing. The winners of the Festival and companies and groups from abroad (the guests of the festival in fenugreek), on July 7, performed at the Square of Serbian rulers in Banja Luka.


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Sljivik(google translate) 21.06.2014., Belgrade, Women singing group KUD “Piskavica” is the winner of this year’s series “Šljivik” in the category of original singing group, which for several seasons aired on RTS 1.


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Sljivik(Google translate)14.06.2014., Belgrade, Women singing group KUD “Piskavica” made it to the grand finale of this year’s series of the TV show “Šljivik”, which is already several seasons aired on Radio – Television Serbia. The panel of experts composed of Dimitrije Golemović, Biljana Krstic and Radojica Kuzmanovic have the task of the four categories: original singing group, The players on folk instruments, solo singing and folk dances elect guards national heritage. It should be noted that our singing group the only representative of Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska in the sequel.


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Picture 514 (600 x 450)(google translate) 29.05. -02.06.2014., Haskovo, Bulgaria Members of children’s folklore groups of KUD “Piskavica” participated in the 14th International Festival of authentic folklore, which was held in Mineral baths – Haskovo, Bulgaria. The festival was attended by folk ensembles and singing groups from 11 European countries, a jury which was made up of professors of the National Institute of Folklore of Bulgaria evaluated games, songs, folk costumes and the overall impression ensembles. Our Company took the 3 place in the competition over 50 ansabala and over 1,850 participants. The competitive part of the program, we performed dances from Krajina Banja Luka and original songs Potkozarje.


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Sljivik(google translate) 01.03.2014., Belgrade, Cultural – Artistic Association “Piskavica” took part in the TV show Šljivik, which is broadcast on national television of Serbia (RTS). The show is a competitive guy, and the competition takes place in 4 categories, namely: Originally singing, playing traditional instruments, singing and folk dancing. Our club was competing in three categories, the original singing, playing traditional instruments and folk dancing. In the next round of the competition we were placed in the first two categories. What is important to note is that we are at the end of the recording received high praise from the jury, prof. Dr. Dimitrije Golemovic, Biljana Krstic and Radojica Kuzmanovic.


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Dječija grupa(google translate) 02.22.2014., Prijedor, Children’s groups age of 10 years took part in the festival of children’s folklore called “Playful Youth” organized by SCA “Mladen Stojanovic” from Prijedor. The Festival was held in a packed hall Mladost in Prijedor. In addition to our Company at the festival was attended by children from Mrkonjic Grad, Novi Grad, Ostra Luka, Brezičani, Omarska, Smederevo, Kozarska Dubica and of course hosts festivals.


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1475948_448153738619631_1971358620_n(google translate) 07.12.2013., Banja Luka, the second in a series of concerts in front of an audience of Banja Luka was held on 07 December at the City Theatre Badger (gym Obilićevo). The concert is presented by of KUD “Piskavica” Performance Ensemble, who performed a program of two blocks. The first block is related to the dances and songs of the Srpska Republic, in which we took Dubica Potkozarje Games, Games Podgrmečja, Radovan Jorgić played a few rounds on tambura “Trožić”, the original female singing group sang several traditional songs of our region, then Games from Glamoc and Member of the game from Banja Luka. In the second part of the program the orchestra presented circuit “JOC”, vocal soloists performed songs Kosovo peonies, Ivan’s riverbeds and fate mine. Implemented the following choreography: whitening the linen, Bunjevačke game, Wallachia games and games from the vicinity of Leskovac.


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