Kozara2014(google translate) 04.07. – 07.07.2014., Piskavica – Banja Luka, The Festival “10. Kozara Ethno “, is organized by KUD” Piskavica “and the Tourist Organization of Banja Luka was held on 04 and 05 July 2014 in the village of Potkozarje Piskavica (Community Centre and narrower space center) and 07 July at the Square of Serbian rulers in Banja Luka. The festival aims to promote the rich diversity of intangible cultures of the world that need to encourage more local people to value their cultural heritage. The festival is an opportunity for the local culture and tradition to present the wider national and international public the role of promotional tools for the development of rural communities based on the principles of sustainability. Festival Kozara Ethno presents a man, how people used to live on Kozara and Potkozarje, customs, which today represent an interesting tourist attraction.

Also, the festival was painted authentic ethno sound through the presentation of original songs and playing in with the participation of groups from the Kozara region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region as well as guests from abroad. At the 10 Kozara initial appeared as a culture and art associations from home and abroad, 10 native singing groups from Kozara in the competition and ethnic groups from abroad in the review program.
Given that the program of events with emphasis on Kozara Ethno, this was an opportunity to present our culture with traditions and customs to the general domestic and international public through hosting and information-advertising material.
The festival incorporate the typical scenes from the life and daily activities of ethno man from Kozara, and the theme of the festival Kozara Ethno 2014 was the custom of Mali Christmas Potkozarje region. In keeping with the theme are organized performances and exhibitions.
Seminar on “Songs, games and customs of Kozara, Posavina and Macedonia” and the participation of jury contributed to the diversity and quality of the festival.
Also, the event featured a competition in traditional sports discipline rock-throwing. The winners of the Festival and companies and groups from abroad (the guests of the festival in fenugreek), on July 7, performed at the Square of Serbian rulers in Banja Luka.


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