kudpiskavica_logo (314 x 216)Folklore Club ’’Piskavica’’ was founded in 2002 and operates in a similar picturesque place called Piskavica, near Banja Luka. Club numbers around 150 active members of the age between 10 and 70 that work in several sections according to their affinities and age. We have two folklore sections, Children Group consisted of children younger than 15 years, and Preforming  Ensemble consisted of the mambers between 16 to 28 years of age. Choreographies are being performed with the accompaniment of folk orchestra consisted of 14 members wich also accompanies the vocal solistes. Independently from folklore sections, there is also traditional group that presents authentic folk customs with the accompaniment of traditional instrument of the area Potkozarje – ’’tambura trožica’’( instrument with three strings ). Considering the program of KUD’’Piskavica’’ there are 16 choreographies in the repertoire  which have adequate costumes and are performed with the  accompaniment of the folk orchestra. The program is outlined so that long concert of dance and songs from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia & Herzegovina can be performerd, another program is the program consisted of the dances and songs from the region and we can combine these two by making the third program. Traditional group presents on the stage folk songs and customs from the area of Potkozarje.

Together with the Tourist Organization of the City of Banja Luka, we are the organizers of the event ’’Kozara ethno’’ which has international character. You can find out more details about this event on www.kozaraethno.com.


crkva (400 x 400)Piskavica is very ethnic oriented village. With only 30 kilometers as far is from Banja Luka, it is a center of cultural events with cultural and tourist manifestation named KOZARA ETHNO which celebrates 8th birthday this year. Beside cultural events, we expect you, our friends, fellow-citizens to visit our village and thereby magnify and enjoy the presentation of folk dances and songs from Bosnia, Serbia and Europe.