On repertoire for 2013. year are 17 outstanding choreography from the  Republic of the Srpska,Bosnia and Herzegovina,SerbiaandMacedoniaset by the most eminent experts in the range. All dances are appropriately costumed and performed to the accompaniment of folk orchestra and playing live. Also, part of the program are old folk songs performed by vocal soloists and choral groups of unaccompanied and accompanied by a folk orchestra and many instrumental performances of folk dances.                          


  1. Dances from Krajina, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  2. Dances from mountain Grmec, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  3. Dances from the Prnjavor, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  4. Dances from Ozren and Trebava, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  5. Dances from Obudovac, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  6. Dances from old Banja Luka, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  7. Dances from Glamoc, choreographer Mile Lukic
  8. Dances from Banija, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  9. Dances from Bunjevka, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  10. Dances from Sumadija, choreographer Zivojin Djuric
  11. Vlach dances, choreographer Professor Vaso Popovic
  12. Dances from Ponisavlje, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  13. Biljana washing cloth, choreographer Jovanov Gorgi
  14. Dances from Leskovac, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  15. Dances from Zmijanje, choreographer Mirko Arambasic
  16. Vlach dances from Homolj, choreographer Mile Lukic
  17. Dances from Kozara, choreographer Mile Lukić



Authentic group’s repertoirein 2013 year will present the customs “Miridba (Reconsiliation) “, “Piskavicko prelo (Piskavica spinning) “, “Perusanje kukuruza (Husking corn) “, “Baba (Grandmother) ” and “Carojice (Masquerade)” with lots of original songs that go along with the aforementioned traditions and with many characteristic songs that will be presented in the vocal performances of this section.