1475948_448153738619631_1971358620_n(google translate) 07.12.2013., Banja Luka, the second in a series of concerts in front of an audience of Banja Luka was held on 07 December at the City Theatre Badger (gym Obilićevo). The concert is presented by of KUD “Piskavica” Performance Ensemble, who performed a program of two blocks. The first block is related to the dances and songs of the Srpska Republic, in which we took Dubica Potkozarje Games, Games Podgrmečja, Radovan Jorgić played a few rounds on tambura “Trožić”, the original female singing group sang several traditional songs of our region, then Games from Glamoc and Member of the game from Banja Luka. In the second part of the program the orchestra presented circuit “JOC”, vocal soloists performed songs Kosovo peonies, Ivan’s riverbeds and fate mine. Implemented the following choreography: whitening the linen, Bunjevačke game, Wallachia games and games from the vicinity of Leskovac.


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